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New County Improvement Permit Ordinance

Recently, the Adams County Commissioners passed the attached ordinance to revise the County’s building improvement permit processes.  Recently, an act was passed by the PA General Assembly and signed by the Governor which among other things, officially provided for counties to enact ordinances regarding property improvements, and set up guidelines.  Some of the guidelines now in effect are slightly different than what the County had been doing in its previous ordinance.   The new ordinance clears these up.

In summary, the new ordinance:

  • Provides for the requirement that municipalities forward copies of building permits to the Adams County Tax Services Department on a monthly basis.
  • Provides for the requirement of property owners to obtain a Property Improvement Certification (not permit) when planning substantial improvements over the Adjusted value Threshold, which as of 2023 is $4,300 (was $2,500 under the old ordinance).  This amount will change annually.
  • Establishing the cost of obtaining certification at $5.00 (was $10.00 under the old ordinance).
  • Establishing a $100.00 civil penalty for non-compliance and the processing thereof (was a $50 summary offense under the old ordinance). 
  • Maintaining the current requirement that a property owner provide a copy of their municipal building permit to obtain County certification (or an “exemption” letter for projects not needing a building permit in your municipality).
  • Repeals the County’s current property improvement ordinance, Ordinance #6 of 2018.